All Rifle and Pistol finals will be broadcast in Internet on our Vimeo Channel https://vimeo/com/ech2020  and on ESC and ISSF YouTube, Facebook Channels.

Seniors individual and Mixed Team Events will be also transmited on Polish TV Channel Polsat and to The European Broadcasting Union (EBU).

Broadcast schedule (local time)

25.02.2020 Air Pistol Mixed Team Junior 11:20 Internet  
Air Rifle Woman Junior 15:20 Internet  
  Air Rifle Man Junior 17:00 Internet  
26.02.2020 Air Rifle Mixed Team Junior 11:20 Internet  
Air Pistol Man Junior 15:20 Internet  
Air Pistol Woman Junior 16:50 Internet  
27.02.2020 Air Pistol Team Woman Junior 11:35 Internet  
Air Rifle Team Man Junior 13:20 Internet  
Air Pistol Team Man Junior 15:05 Internet  
Air Rifle Team Woman Junior 16:50 Internet  
28.02.2020 Air Rifle Mixed Team 15:50 Internet TV+EBU
Air Pistol Woman 17:35 Internet TV+EBU
Air Pistol Man 19:05 Internet TV+EBU
29.02.2020 Air Pistol Mixed Team 15:50 Internet TV+EBU
Air Rifle Woman 17:35 Internet TV+EBU
Air Rifle Mman 19:05 Internet TV+EBU
01.03.2020 Air Pistol Team Woman 14:20 Internet  
Air Rifle Team Man 15:50 Internet  
Air Pistol Team Man 17:20 Internet  
Air Rifle Team Woman 18:50 Internet